Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?

I don’t know how many blogs I’ve wiped over the past dozen years or so, but let’s not let my readiness to delete everything reflect too strongly on the quality of the writing, or their worth in general.

Then again, there’s little point in attempting to mislead.

Sometimes the value is solely in the doing. Whether you’re good at something or not. I’ve always enjoyed “blogging” (such a ridiculous word!) and that’s always been my only justification for doing it. I probably have more to say than I usually share, but it’s easy to overthink myself into silence wondering if something is worth posting or not. But if reading other people’s blogs has taught me anything it’s that we’re all far more interesting than we may give ourselves credit for, and maybe I am too. Feeling otherwise only stanches the words and ideas. Or I’m overthinking again.

Hopefully I stumble into being interesting from time to time. Accidents happen.

I’m planning on relaunching VintageHorror.com as well. More on that soon.

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